MINING is the vision of Craig Kirkpatrick-Whitby – data scientist, inventor and sailor. He brings together a collective of programmers, improvisational musicians, graphic designers and photographers. In searching for and manipulating complex and intricate data sets, Kirkpatrick-Whitby and sound designer PJ Davy created an evocative sound world as the foundation of the Chimet sonification project. 

Matthew Bourne’s improvised piano was captured in a single take, with little preparation – an instinctive reaction to the dissonant, rolling audio created by the data. Upon this structure, cello and Memorymoog synthesiser were orchestrated to add colour and shade.

Graphic designer Oli Bentley and generative artist Sock Baeus Redding took the same data to produce an edition of 504 double vinyl LPs. 

Each record is packaged in a unique, digitally printed sleeve, time-stamped to correspond to a specific 20-minute segment of the storm sequence. It is believed that this is the first time these data mining techniques have been used to map both the music and visual identity of an album project.

Craig Kirkpatrick-Whitby: project concept, artistic direction, data sourcing, analytics & programming
PJ Davy: sound design & programming
Matthew Bourne: piano, cello & Lintronics Advanced Memorymoog (LAMM) synthesiser

Composed by Matthew Bourne, PJ Davy & Craig Kirkpatrick-Whitby 
Published by Mute Song

Arranged & recorded by PJ Davy
Produced by Craig Kirkpatrick-Whitby & PJ Davy
Mixed by Aneek Thapar
Mastered by Lewis Hopkin at Stardelta Mastering

Art & design by Oli Bentley, Split
Photography by Craig Kirkpatrick-Whitby & PJ Davy
Generative visuals by Sock Baeus Redding
Bathymetric survey of Chichester Harbour © 2017-2021 Chichester Harbour Conservancy. Used with kind permission

Primary data source: Chimet / West Pole Beacon © 2017 Solentmet Support Group. Used with kind permission


Health and Life : Professor Vinidh Paleri, Mr Francesco Mattia G Riva, Dr Olly Donnelly, Dr Jenny Stutley, Eugene Raguindin, Santos Lopez III, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation, and the Queen Alexandra Hospital Trust Portsmouth.

Family & Friends : Louisa Elizabeth Whitby (née Kirkpatrick), Richard Whitby, Gerald Whitby, Edith Costar, Anne Sanders, Frances Holford, Margret Kris Denkert, David Waite-Wright, Bethan Armstrong, Emilia Talen, Kirk Kashefi, Justin Shasha, Lucy & Andrew Carruthers, Sascha Heeney, Tony, Thea & Dave at The Leaf Label, David & Simon at Mute Song.

Chimet Technical and Programme : Frank Dunster at Hayling Rescue, Richard Craven & Ed Carter at Chichester Harbour Conservancy, Emile Foote at Shoreline Surveys, Barry Blaydes at Solentmet Support Group Charity, Hayling Island Sailing Club.